Raymond Chappuis :

As far as we go back up in the history and as we explore the memory of the region. Raymond Chappuis counts wine growers in his family. Indeed, the first tracks of the lineage appear from 1335.
Today, he manages Arc-en-Vins SA, a company with multiple facets in the field oft he wine. directed on various axes, from the viti-viniculture tot e wholesale distribution, the works for third in the analysis and the advice.
Raymond Chappuis is good son of wine grower.
With the „savoir-faire“ and the imagination, he settles chief of company seeing big and far, he anticipates situations, takes risks and works a lot.
Nevertheless, the fate had almost decided on it otherwise. he has one older brother, and it is him who inherits from the domain.
Without getting confused, the young man dashes into the import of foreign wines in Switzerland as used.
The house which puts on payroll him in Bern beeing sold, he gets closer to his roots, to Chexbres and to Lavaux, and becomes a mobile cellarman-oenologist, making works on behalf of third parties.
The experience is enriching and the cellar of Lutry, followed soon by the municipality of Pully, Paudex and St Saphorin trusts this young professional : oft he encavage oft he must and the wine making until the labeling and the sale oft he wine, nothing escapes ist expertise.
He will pursue this activity from 1981 till 1988.
In 1989, he takes the plunge and acquires the Testuz-Butticaz domain. He signs four key naming of Lavaux, the purchase oft he second business of wins specialized in catering, the gastronomy and the private customers propels him towards new horizons even vaster.
Simplify the life oft he wine growers, by putting at their disposal machines accomplisant the visits to establish the dates oft he grape harvest and begin them, to facilitate the task oft he storekeeper wholesaler, by storing products and by delivering them, answer tot he buyer and outstrip his desires.
It was necessary to hink o fit and to set up the network.
Arc-en-Vins SA, with the power of imagination and the strength to begin of Raymond Chappuis answers the needs and opens a new era.

Sébastien Chappuis :

Son of Raymond Chappuis, Sébastien immortalizes the dynasty of Chappuis in the vineyard of Lavaux. Having made his wine grower’s learning and the school of Changins, he occuppe of his domain in the Chablais as well as the family vineyard of Lavaux.


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